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Sichuan Flavor Style

Incorporating unique spices originating from Sichuan, every bite is a perfect paring for beer and wine. Get ready to discover the exotic and unique flavours. 

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Sichuan Spicy Sausage

Shuwei exclusive Sichuan-style sausage has always been one of the best selling products of all time. Each sausage is made with a perfect combination of fresh local meats and an authentic Sichuan seasoning blend. After a slow and steady smoking and roasting process, the sausage becomes naturally rosy with a rich flavour and tender texture. From mild to spicy, smokey to air-dried, we offer a wide range of selections guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.  

・Lightly spicy sausage / 550 g

・Smoked mild spicy sausage / 550 g

・Spicy smoked sausage / 550 g

・Mild dry sausage / 550 g

・Spicy dry sausage / 550 g


Sichuan Sweet Sausage

Filled firmly with authentic high quality fresh pork at a 30% fat and 70% lean ratio. Rich but not greasy, flavoured with aromatic Sichuan spices and sesoning. Best paired with rice for a simple but delicious meal, or added to any recipe for a sweet and flavourful combination. 

・Sichuan sweet sausage / 550 g


Sichuan Preserved Meats Style

Best pairing for rice! Whether it is stewed, boiled or pan-fried, the decadent flavours will leave you wanting another bowl. 

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Smoked Bacon

This authentic and classic Sichuan style smoked bacon is the very first product developed by Shuwei. Only fresh certified meat is selected for the production process. Infused with classic Chinese flavourings and spices, smoked to perfection, this product has a moderate saltiness and a firm texture. This is an classic and indispensable choice for any family table! 


・Smoked bacon / 700 g

・Air-dried bacon / 700 g

・Smoked Pork Ham / 650 g


Smoked Pork Hock

Exclusive 1 kg portion pork hock braised and flavoured according to traditional flavours. The meat is moist and succulent, the skin is tender and juicy. Each package comes with an exclusive home-made Sichuan dry dipping mix. This product is ready-to-eat, and can be further prepared with other ingredients for a flavoursome dish or simply enjoyed on its own.

・Smoked pork hock / 1 kg


Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Whole pieces of premium pork ribs smoked using traditional and natural smoking techniques until the meat is juicy and tender with a natural red and brown colour. Whether stewed, braised or cooked according to your preferred method, this product will guarantee a rich and flavourful dish. 

・Smoked baby back ribs / 550 g


Ready-to-Eat snacks

Ready-to-eat snacks as health and delicious options to a busy lifestyle. 

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Ham Sausage

This classic ham sausage is a popular choice for people of all ages. Made with Canadian local fresh meat, this ready-to-eat snack contains a large proportion of pork content to give it the classic firm and rich taste. 

・Chinese ham sausage / 720 g

・Corn ham sausage / 720 g

・Bershire black pork ham sausage / 450 g

・Ham sausage 9 pcs / 450 g


Mini Crispy Sausage

This mini crispy sausage is widely popular on our various online platforms. We highly recommended for customers who are looking for simple yet delicious recipes. The outer layer is made from collagen casing, and the meat filling is tender and juicy. This product can be cooked as a breakfast side dish, quick and simple meal, barbecue, and hot pot for a delicious choice.

・Mini Cheese Sausage / 350 g

・Mini Crispy Sausage / 350 g



Beef Jerky

High qulity AA grade prime rib eye beef cut into large pieces without any connective tissue. Flavoured with Sichuan style exotic spice mix for a spicy and flavourful taste. Most definitely a yummy snack!

・Sichuan spicy dried beef jerky / 325 g

・Sichuan spicy beef jerky / 325 g


Roasted Pork  Sausage

Juicy roasted pork sausage, a perfect companion for barbecue parties! Made with authentic ingredients andfresh pork. The outer layer is made of pork casings, which makes the taste more crispy! Easy to cook with various methods, such as grilling, barbecue, microwave, air fryer, etc. 

・Roasted Pork Sausage / 375 g

・Black Pepper Roasted Pork Sausage / 375 g

・Corn & Cheese Roasted Pork Sausage / 375 g


Northern  Flavor Sausage

Classic style of Northern Harbin traditional flavor, smoked and grilled taste. Made with Canadian local fresh meat. This is a non-spicy product, suitable for all ages. It can also be stir-fried, grilled or stewed. Additionally, Harbin sausage and garlic smoked sausage are ready-to-eat products.

・Harbin Sausage / 450 g

・Harbin Air-dried Sausage / 300 g

・Garlic Smoked Sausage / 375 g

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