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Terms of Service

Dear customer, in order to provide a better shopping experience while protecting your rights, we recommend you to read the following information carefully and acknowledge the conditions before you make a purchase.



  • We offer free shipping with purchases over $100 in BC, and a $10 shipping fee will be applied for purchases less than $100. 

  • Due to high temperature, from May 1st. 2024 all orders will be shipped by air from ordering outside of BC. Postage is not included. The shipping fee is $45cad per box. (orders will be shipped within 3-7 days) 

  • Ordering from U.S. region, the shipping fee is $55 cad.

  • Pick-up in store: Customers who chose self-pick up service must first place an order and contact customer service prior to picking up.

Purchasing tips 


  1. Our products can be stored under refrigeration condition at 0-4°C with the exception of bacon, ribs,and sausage products that need to be stored under frozen condition after opening.  

  2. All orders outside of the Greater Vancouver region are shipped by trucks in insulated bags. There should be no quality related problems due to transportation during the cold weather seasons in Canada. If you need expedited delivery options, please contact our customer service directly.  

  3. After you have received our products, please open the package immediately to check whether the products are in good conditions. If there are any product damages or incorrect number of products delivered, please contact Shuwei customer within the same day. We will try our very best to provide you with a satisfactory result; however, we will not be responsible for any issues that have occured after more than a day.

  4. Our products need to be stored under refrigeration or freezer conditions; therefore, returns and exchanges can often lead to further issues. As a result, we strongly discourage any product returns or exchanges and apologize for any inconveniences. 

Product defect compensation 

  1. We will provide compensation for product defects that are caused by uncontrollable external factors

  2. After receiving the goods, please check the product condition and consume in a timely manner or store it appropriately in the refrigerator/freezer. If there is any product defect found, please contact customer service within three hours after receiving the goods and provide necessary photos. We will not be responsible for any delayed feedback or issues reported.

  3. Please keep all products under refrigeration condition. Bacon, ribs, and sausage products can be stored under frozen condition for up to 9 months after opening. The Shuwei Ham Sausages products does not contain any preservatives, and can only be stored in the refrigeration. Please consume before the best before date indicated on the product seal. 

  4. Product defects may include:

  • Bag swelling or signs of air leakage

  • Abnormal odors

Limitation of Liability 

  • Notice received within one of receiving the goods with photos provided (Covered)

  • Refusal of reception (Not covered)

  • Delay feedback (more than one day after reception) (Not covered)

  • Incorrect address, phone number, or change of address after delivery causing package to be returned or delayed for pickup (Not covered)

  • Recipient cannot be reached (Not covered)

  • Logistics delay cause by natural disasters (including but not limited to: floods, heavy rain, mudslides, eartherquakes) (Not covered)

  • Logistics delay caused by third-party reasons (including but not limited to: logistic strike) (Not covered)


For changes in local order deliveries in Vancouver due to customer’s personal reasons, a $10 delivery fee will be charged on the third delivery. 

If you have any other questions,

please contact Shuwei customer service or call us .

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