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Investor Relations

Throughout the past 7 years, Shuwei has entered and continued to expand in the processed meat products market and meat industry. The company has become a leading brand in the meat processing industry in British Columia, Canada, and has grown to adapt to the online retail business platform and ecommerce channels as an innovative enterprise.


Our company specialises in premium cured meat products, specialty meat products, ham and sausage products, beef products, and meat substitute products etc. Our main products include Chinese ham sausages, Sichuan flavoured sausages, bacon, cured meats, beef jerky, European-style sausage, seasoned poultryand other specialty meat products. 

Over the course of the past few years, the company’s core competitiveness has continued to grow.  

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Scale advantage

The company has modern production facilities, specialized production lines and automated equipment. The scale of production, market share, and brand awareness has set up the company for a leading position in the industry.

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Rapidly growing brand

Since 2020, Shuwei has developed a series of derivative products and registered trademark products within the creative industries. At the same time, we continue to improve both our internal and external product quality to better satisfy our customers of all ages. 

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Innovation and Development

In terms of product innovation, we have been successful in developing the first ham sausage product in BC, as well as other sausage products, preserved sausages, bacon, preserved meats, and European style sausage series. In terms of business model, on top of the original ham and meat products business basis, we have officially incorporated Beichen food brand in 2020 and product distribution will soon cover China, the United States, Asian and Europe, allowing customers to enjoy our unique flavours from around the world. 

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Comprehensive marketing strategies

Ranked first for market share and ham sausage sales in the BC industry. We have also established partnership with various hypermarkets, supermarket chains, catering business, and food processing companies.Our online sales have been leading in the industry for many years and have grown rapidly through cooperation with Luniu, Taobao and more than 30 other business platforms. 

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Technological lead in the industry 

The company has a strong background support in technological advancement and equipment such as having exclusive ham sausage production technology in North America, a fully equipped German production line, automated packaging system, and cold chain transport technoligy. 

In addition, we have been awarded an exclusive interview by CCTV4 “Chinese World” in 2019. 

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Future prospects

In the future, Shuwei will continue to place food safety as our top priority. On one hand, consistently produce safe and quality meat products for our customers. On the other hand, improve our brand and products to engage our customers. 

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