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A touch of Shuwei, A taste of home.

Shuwei Co., Ltd. was first established in Vancouver in 2014 as a local food processing enterprise that specializes in modern production methods of Chinese traditional meat products. 


The production mainly focuses on traditional meat products such as ham sausage, preserved sausages, Sichuan style bacon, cured pork ribs, smoked pork hock etc., which are made through traditional, air-drying, smoking, and other varying processes.  


All products are made strictly following the Candian food quality standards, and have been distributed all across North America. 


To ensure customer satisfaction, we have employed advanced equipments and facility standards from Germany, and implemented strict quality inspection measures throughout every aspect of the production process. 


If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with customers all around the world to create a better future. 

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manufacturing process

 Production with sincerity 

All of our products are made with an exquisite and unique spice blend that are directly imported from Sichuan, China incorporated with local high quality raw meat, and follows strict food safety standards and quality standards. 

Our production equipments are imported from Germany such as tech professional air-drying and smoking rooms. By combining modern state of the art equipment and Chinese traditional production methods, we are able to reach an annual product capacity that exceeds over 100 tons. We hope to bring the taste of home and comfort to every one of our customers. 

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