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Shuwei Culture

What is Lamei?

“La” is the process of marinating meat with salt or sauce and then smoked or air-dried.Lamei has a long history in China, and was first recorded in the books "Zhou Li", "Zhou Yi" and the "Book of Change" during the Han Dynasty. It is one of the Futong foods that are deeply loved by the Chinese people, and are also often exchanged as gifts. 


Vancouver Sichuan Roast Meat Company of the Year

Leading brand of Canadian Sichuan-flavored ham sausage

CCTV 2019 CCTV Listed Brands

Shuwei is currently the largest Chinese Sichuan-flavoured meat product producer in Vancouver. We have developed a renowned reputation all around the world. We strive to provide quality products to all our customers by following our motto “responsible, diligent, professional, and innovative”, and our purpose “to build an ethical food industry”.


Product quality & Creative design

Shuwei products follow the trend of healthy lifestyle while retaining the traditional flavours from Sichuan, China. The production facilities are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified in order to maximize meat production food safety. 

Meanwhile, we continue to improve our packaging designs, hoping to create a memorable brand image that promotes both quality and creativity to bring more excitement and joy to our consumers. 

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