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食用方法:1.开袋,取出蜀味腊肉,用温水洗净后放入锅中。2.开锅后蒸或煮30-35分钟。3.冷却后切片装盘即可食用。温馨提示:腊肉蒸熟后食用,可根据个人口味与蔬菜,米饭等一同炒制食用。Instructions:1. Open the bag, take out the Smoked Bacon, wash them with warm waterand put them into a pot2. Steam or boil for 30-35 minutes3. After cooling, slice and serveTips: The Bacon can be steamed and served together with vegetables andrice according to personal preference.建议冷藏保存0°C-4°C
Keep refrigerated 0°C-4°C更多蜀味美食做法,请搜索并关注YouTube蜀味For more cuisine recipes, please subscribe YouTube 蜀味 shuwei

风干腊肉 / Dry Bacon

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